Guild Information

Guild Information

Thought Bludgeon was initially founded in Star Wars Galaxies on the Wanderhome Server for the Imperial faction. We’ve been gaming together for over 10+ years. From SWG, to EQ, WoW, COV, SWTOR, GW2, and everything in between. And hopefully, everything else to come.

We are currently looking for mature players of all genres, whether you like to PVP, PVE, Craft or RP, Casual or hardcore, young and old, whatever strikes you as fun, there’s a place for you. We recognize that a well rounded guild only serves to better all the players of the guild. We acknowledge that this is a video game, used for entertainment purposes, and we treat it just like that. No srs bsns, plz, unless we’re PVPing… and even then, well… we won’t stop anyone from planning a naked drunken pvp for a laugh.

The core players in this guild have known each other for more than 10 years, and are very aware that everyone has a life besides the game. Most of us have a wife, kids, jobs, or a bed to get back into at some point. So do not expect this guild to be very strict, uptight, serious, soft spoken, by the book, or sober all the time. We are a bunch of laid back players that just like to have fun, wreak havoc, destroy things, get drunk, party, and make fun of something/someone while playing the game! We don’t take things too seriously, and like to enjoy ourselves…

Our rules are fairly simple. Don’t be an ass, real life > any game every day, be hardcore when the time is right, and be casual when you need it.  That’s it! So if this guild sounds good for you and would like to join, please Register on our website, and then submit a Guild Application or post in the Recruitment Forum. If not, good luck to you, and remember to have fun…

Gaming Groups

On previous years, our guild has selected an official guild game, changing every few years to whatever seems interesting or fun to play at the time. However, in recent years, we noticed that most of our members are branching away to different MMOs or other genres entirely, sometimes making it difficult to play together as a guild, or to know who’s playing what.

For this reason, we are implementing Gaming Groups within our guild, to make it easier for members to get together and play the games they are interested in, as a guild. Even if its a small group of members on that particular game. We feel this will bring us back to the purpose of what we intended to do when we formed our guild so many years ago…  get drunk, wreak havoc, and destroy things… with the occasional naked pvp party.

So if you become a member, don’t forget to join a group, and have fun!