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Still No Trading Post 0

Still No Trading Post

At this time we are still working on getting the Trading Post operational, thank you for your patience while we deal with this matter ^AT — Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2) August 29, 2012 Join...

BLTC & WvWvW Scoring Issue 0

BLTC & WvWvW Scoring Issue

A few more updates: The gem store and currency exchange in the Black Lion Trading Co are working, but may be slow to load. The Trading Post is down and will be down while...

Recent Ban-Waves 0

Recent Ban-Waves

UPDATE AUGUST 28th: Suspensions for Offensive Names and Inappropriate Behavior We want to clear up some of the confusion about GW2 name and behavior suspensions. To keep Guild Wars 2 a pleasant place to...

Login servers are currently down 0

Login servers are currently down

We are aware of issues with server connectivity. We will keep you up to date with our progress. ^DO — Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2) August 25, 2012 Join the Forum discussion on this post